Top 5 Benefits of Sensory Boxes

Top 5 Benefits of Sensory Boxes

Top 5 Benefits of Sensory Boxes

Sensory boxes have many benefits for children of all ages. They stimulate important areas for their growth and healthy development. Here I bring you 5 benefits provided by this tool, which is not only educational but also your children will love it and have fun!

1) Sensory Skills

When playing with the box the child stimulates all her senses and connects with the environment that surrounds her. 

Children can touch different textures, discover different colors, sizes, smells.

It is very positive in these times of screens and technology to have games that bring us closer to nature, to the creative, to connect with our body and play through it.

This also helps them to connect with their different bodily sensations, to be aware of their body and what they are feeling. By being more aware of what they experience in their body, they are providing tools to the child self-regulation, greater control of their emotions and behavior. 

2)  Emotional Regulation

By connecting with their senses discovering and exploring, the child connects with the environment and with the present moment. Focusing on that experience helps the child regulate his anxiety and has an effect of calm and relaxation.

It is proven that the game with water, sand, bubbles, squishy toys, and other textures has a relaxing and beneficial effect to relieve tensions and anxiety in children. Providing a sensory play space can help a child who feels irritable or nervous.

3)  Social interaction

Through the sensory box cooperative play can be stimulated where the child shares this experience with others, learns to give turns, to share, to ask for help, to create together an activity, to propose ideas and to accept ideas from others.

It is also a nice experience for the child to play with the adult, sharing moments and reinforcing the emotional ties.

4) Motor Skills

The sensory game stimulates coordination and movement. 

The child grabs, squeeze, touch different materials. Different sized containers can be used to pass the materials from one to the other. You can use tweezers, spoons, tubes to manipulate objects.

5)  Cognitive Growth 

Through sensory play, the child explores and discovers, creates different activities, discovers new colors, new objects, new textures, which stimulate their cognitive development. This type of game is very important because they stimulate creativity, they do not have a single function but many activities can be created with them. Stimulate in the child this is very important for their intellectual development.