5 ideas to play with children during summer

5 ideas to play with children during summer

5 ideas to play with children during summer

Summer is the perfect time to relax, relieve tension, share moments with family and above all to enjoy.
In my experience as a therapist, I often receive many questions from parents regarding how they can make better use of the time spent with their family. I consider that the most important thing is to know that there are no recipes, the main thing is to be there for them, make time and be creative.

Here I share with you 5 fun ideas to do on vacation, where everyone can adopt them in their way:

1) Go camping

Summer is the best time to be in contact with nature, be outdoors and share activities different from the ones we do for the rest of the year. Camping is an excellent idea to enjoy as a family.

Making a bonfire, telling stories, hiking, singing songs, doing sports, taking a nap under the trees, watching the stars, are only some of the many activities that you can share and that will keep unforgettable moments. If for some reason, you can’t go away don’t worry! this unforgettable activity can be moved to your home, for example by garden camping. The important thing is to always be creative and be willing to share moments with those we love.


2) Picnic Day on the beach

This is another excellent plan for hot days. Spend a day on the beach, prepare a tasty sandwich, play in the water, with balls or build the ultimate sandcastle are excellent ideas to enjoy the summer in style.

These spaces are great opportunities to meet and socialize with other children, play together, make friends, share toys.

3) Making lemonade

Cooking is not only a great time to share and strengthen emotional ties with children but also a great activity that teaches them to follow steps, wait, measure quantities, see that all results require a process, coordination skills, and movement: break, stir, flip.

An easy and fresh option is to make a delicious lemonade together! And why not for those who dare, put a stand and sell!


4) Play in the rain

Why when it rains we hide? Summer is the perfect occasion to enjoy this magical experience without being cold or afraid to get sick.

Go out, splash in the puddles, have a paper boat race, dance and sing.

So remember, the next time you see rain, do not lock yourself in your house, go out with family or friends and you will not regret it!


5) Get an awesome sensory box

Our Water Fun sensory box offers a lot of fun materials and is specially designed for this time of the year. While the child plays and has fun, the box stimulates prime areas for their development.

This tool makes it easier for parents to find a toy that it’s not only fun but includes learning. Children can have fun blowing bubbles, playing with water balls, creating stories with water puppets, coloring masks and pretending to be a colorful fish or a great shark, learning from the creatures of the sea through a fun book, creating different scenarios with the sea animals in foam rubber and playing fishing with friends.

Also, the box comes with water beads, an element that children love to touch, manipulate and tighten!