Water Beads in Sensory Play

Water Beads in Sensory Play

Water beads are tiny water-absorbent polymer. When exposed to water they grow. Water beads are safe because they are non-toxic and biodegradable.

They are wet, soft and squishy, the perfect sensory experience for everyone. Kids of all ages love the feel and look of them.

You can play to touch them, to grasp them, to feel them, to count them, and also in the process of making them grow, children can learn to wait, to follow steps and especially to enjoy the moment and be present.

You can also stimulate the motor skills, passing the beads from one container to another (the size of the containers can be varied), you can use spoons, tweezers, and different elements so that the child can manipulate them.

Another good idea is to put them inside balloons and create a great squishy toy.

There are a lot of ways to have fun playing with water beads, so I hope you have a beautiful moment of enjoyment and learning. Remember that motivation is the best way to learn, and since playing is the language of children, it is the best way for us to connect with them.