#Stayhome- Fun and easy activities to do with children at home.

#Stayhome- Fun and easy activities to do with children at home.

#Stayhome- Fun and easy activities to do with children at home.

15 fun and easy indoors activities for children.

1.Hide messages around the house

A fun game to play with the kids is to hide messages all over the house.  You can write fun things to do and also educational messages related to the situation we are living. Besides, you can leave messages of love and affection, ideal to take advantage of these moments together and strengthen the bonds between you.
Some examples could be:
"You have to jump on one foot from the kitchen to the living room"
"Wash your hands while you sing your favorite song out loud"
"Have a nice day. I love you very much!"

2. Coronavirus Game

- Tell Mommy or Daddy to draw a coronavirus on the back of each hand every morning
- During the day, you should erase the drawing with soap and water. The more times you wash, the better!
- If at night you have managed to erase the coronavirus, you win 1 point!
- If you accumulate 20 points in 20 days you will win a prize!
Through this game we teach them the importance of taking care of themselves to stay healthy and also, we help them to incorporate essential hygiene habits for their health.

3. Playing with Balloons

If you have balloons, you can blow them up and decorate them with markers, paints, sticking coloured paper on them. You can also play with two or more people to pass the balloon through the air and try to not fall it to the ground. 


4. Playing board games

Take out the board games you haven't used in a long time and have fun as a family. Through board games the child learns to tolerate frustrations, to wait his turn, and most importantly, everyone has a lot of fun.

Some fun box games that i love to play with my family are Monopoly and Pictionary.

5. Pillow Wars

This game is ideal for releasing tension, releasing energy, laughing and having a good time. This situation that we are living affects us all, big and small, so having moments of laughter, releasing energy, and move a lot is  important for our physical and emotional well-being.

6. Doing Yoga

Yoga is a very good exercise for our mind and body, it helps us to focus, release tension, feel more relaxed and in balance, leave aside negative emotions or anxieties, and move our body.
On youtube many resources can help us
Here's a few:

7. Playing with music

Children usually like music a lot and dancing is an excellent tool to relieve stress, Stimulate motor skills and social interaction.
Depending on each child, you can increase and decrease the volume, as well as experiment with different types of music.
A fun game to do while dancing is the "Stopdance" that is, dance while the music is playing and stay still in the position it was when the sound was lowered. Whoever moves, loses!
You can also play to imitate the movements made by another person dancing.

8 - Cooking together

Cooking is not only a great time to share and strengthen emotional ties with children but also a great activity that teaches them to follow steps, wait, measure quantities, see that all results require a process, coordination skills, and movement: break, stir, flip.

9. Movie Theater

Simulate that there is a cinema in your house, prepare popcorn,  create the entrance tickets, arrange the space and enjoy your favorite movies.

10. Set up a Cabin

Create with sheets and chairs a cabin inside the house where they can take shelter, eat their snack, play at night with flashlights and have a good time there.

11. Custome Party!

Children love to dress up! a good idea is to put on their favorite outfits, turn on the music and have a parade.

12. Cleaning the house together

Assigning each child a task and cleaning the house together can be a lot of fun. One can sweep, one can wipe the furniture. This is an educational task and can be a lot of fun to move around, focus on an activity and work as a group.

13. Puppets

Another excellent idea to have fun and stimulate the child's development is to make puppets and then play with them.
Socks can be used as puppets, you can add eyes and wool can be glued as hair.
With these puppets, you can create very simple little stories and the child can add details and choose the ending.


14. Calm Moment

In these times of so much nervousness and stress worldwide, everyone needs to stop and have some quiet time, clear our minds and leave all worries behind for a few minutes.
In our previous post blog "5 Relaxation Exercises for Kids" there are some ideas on how to enable relaxation in your children.

15. Get an awesome sensory box

Our Sensory Boxes will be the perfect toy to keep them entertained while helping with their development. 

They are ready to use so you don't have to waste your time finding and buying the best toys for them.

Check our site for more!


Like all crises it is good to take positive things and enjoy the blessing of being together, of having each other and of being able to take care of the ones we love. If we are all responsible and take care of ourselves, we will get out of this situation soon and everything will return to normal.

Let's take this opportunity to be responsible and empathetic, to stop thinking only about ourselves and worrying about the other!

I wish you all love, peace and health at this time.




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