5 yoga exercises recommended for kids.

5 yoga exercises recommended for kids.

Performing yoga with children is very beneficial as it helps them to know their body and learn strategies to regulate it through breathing, movement, and being present. 

One of the concerns that parents often mention is related to engage their children with this type of activities. 

The most important thing is to always start with something interesting for the child. You can generate a yoga or relaxation activity based on a theme that the child really likes. 

Here I bring you some help, providing some online resources that can be useful to enable a space of calm and help the child to feel more relaxed. 

Below you can find yoga classes and exercises inspired by themes that are usually very attractive to children. Choose the ones you think they might like most and try them out!



Through this video, the child can learn different movements imitating his favorite sea animals. By practicing these different exercises his body becomes stronger, his mind becomes more focused and his thoughts become quieter. 



Cosmic Kids Yoga offers a lot of fun and engaging yoga videos for kids. Jaime teaches yoga to the children while telling them funny and engaging stories, singing songs, and inviting them to move their whole body. 

This particular video is based on a theme that children usually like very much, especially the youngest ones, the animals of the farm. 

Through different activities she keeps children very entertained while they learn and strengthen their body and mind. 

Dance for the sun

With this beautiful song, children learn the different movements of the "Sun Salutation" sequence. The child moves and stretches his whole body and it can be a lot of fun once they learn it.

The sun salutation is a good way to introduce children to yoga as it is a short, simple, and fun activity. 

Here you have another video about this sequence if you want to spend more time on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIGRZS-YMWo 



Another very fun way to do yoga exercises is related to the dinosaurs theme. Here I share with you a video of a very funny adventure that leads us to find Tiny, a young T-rex, who learns about looking after his teeth! Through different movements the child gets into the story including his body, breathing and being present in that moment and experience.



ABC Yoga for kids

With this last video the child imitates different movements while learning the letters and the alphabet. This knowledge is a basic skill in children's education and through this video they can learn it in a creative and fun way.

Through all these activities you provide an appropriate atmosphere to promote relaxation, learning and also you invite them to  seek their emotional and physical well-being. Also try our 5 breathing and relaxation techniques for kids to keep promoting emotional wellbeing or try one of our sensory bottles for a perfect calming and sensory combo!

Try them out and tell me in the comments how they did!