10 activities to do with your kids during Halloween

10 activities to do with your kids during Halloween

10 activities to do with your kids during Halloween

Halloween is one of the funniest days for children and adults. Who does not want to be a child again for a while?

Here I leave some super fun activities to do as a family and spend an unforgettable day full of amazing memories.

1 - Carve a Halloween Pumpkin:

There is nothing more fun than shaping our pumpkin, we can create the most monstrous and creative shapes you have ever seen and made our pumpkin a special and unique element for that night.

Our new sensory box trick or treat brings a pumpkin to decorate and the craziest and funniest accessories to create monstrous faces.

2 - Wear your favorite costume

There is no better time in the year to become your favorite character than Halloween. Dressing up stimulates creativity, imagination, role play, and communication.

It is also a socializing agent since it allows you to do activities together from choosing costume accessories, creating a handmade costume at home and having fun with your friends

3 - Make crafts to decorate the house

You can create with your children different things to decorate the house, such as garlands, ghosts or bats that hang from the ceiling, a carpet for the entrance of the house, monsters for the garden.

On Pinterest, you can find many fun and easy options to make.

Here I share with you some of my favorite craft options:

Through this, we generate a fun moment where you also work creativity, fine motor skills, coordination, concentration, teamwork, and emotional ties are reinforced

4 - Make homemade cookies 

Cooking is not only a great time to share and strengthen emotional ties with children but also a great activity that teaches them to follow steps, wait, measure quantities, see that all results require a process, coordination skills, and movement: break, stir, flip.

There is no better way to celebrate Halloween than eating delicious cookies with fun shapes.

On the internet, you can find many easy and fun recipes 

Or if you are skilled in cooking you can create your own!

5 - Go out and get all the treats!

Going out to find those sweet goodies with your friends is a tradition that cannot be ignored. Put on your best costume and go out and say trick or treat to your neighbours. You are going to have so much fun!

Stimulating social activities in our children is very important to favor and strengthen healthy and strong emotional bonds that will last in their lives.

 6 - Tell horror stories or read scary books for very brave children.

Time to tell stories! Nothing can entertain your children more than sitting with them to read them or tell them scary stories. Even that is much more fun if the stories are invented by you, or you can have the child help you create it by proposing different paths and he chooses how the story goes. 

With this activity, we stimulate the creativity of the child as well as the development of language and communication skills.

Some ideas of awesome books you can find on Amazon are:

The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat”

“Ten Timid Ghosts”

“Room on the Broom”

7 - Watch Scary movies. 

What better way to spend Halloween night with friends and family watching a scary movie.

Some movies that I recommend for children as they seem very funny but also suitable for age are:

  • Frankenweenie
  • Monster House
  • Corpse Bride
  • Coraline

Also on Netflix, you can find awesome scary movies such as "Monster family", "Hotel Transylvania" and "Scooby- Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed" .

Prepare some tasty snacks and enjoy a movie and ghost night at home. Have fun!!!!

8 - Paint your face

Face painting is another fun option for Halloween night. Complement your costume with the most amazing makeup. 

On the internet, there are many ideas to guide you or as I always say ... let your imagination fly!

And if you dare not only paint your child but paint yourself too.

Want some inspiration?


 9 - Treasure Hunt

A very fun game to make this Halloween night is a treasure hunt with creepy clues that will make you have a lot of fun. The winner could get as a prize a pumpkin full of goodies! 

You can play this game with your family or friends and you don't need many people to make it fun, the most important thing is that the tracks are well thought out and fun.

10 - Have fun with our trick or treat sensory box

Have fun and get ready for the spookiest night of the year with our Trick or Treat Sensory Toys Box!

Decorate the pumpkin with the craziest and funniest accessories included, collect candies with our special box.

Get tangled in spider webs and use the chenille stems to inspire the creativity in you, making the strangest forms you ever imagined! 

Scare your friends and have fun with them playing together with everything that trick or treat box includes to have a monstrously fun moment!


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