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Get ready for an adventurous playtime with our "Little Builders" Sensory Exploration Box. Specially designed to provide a fun-filled learning experience, this box is perfect for young children aged 3 and up. Immerse your little one in a world of construction and creativity as they interact with unique objects and create their own play scenarios.

What the Box Offers:

The "Little Builders" Sensory Box promotes developmental growth in key areas while making playtime an engaging and exciting experience:

Sensory Skills: The high-quality sand, smooth stones, and beans offer a diverse tactile exploration, mimicking real construction site materials.

Motor Skills: A wooden scoop for digging and moving materials helps to develop fine motor skills.

Social Interaction: This sensory box is perfect for independent play, but it also encourages social interaction when shared with friends or siblings.

Cognitive Growth: Assorted construction trucks allow for imaginative play, building understanding of construction and machinery. Sorting objects by colors, shapes, and features further enhances cognitive abilities.

Emotional Regulation: The calming, immersive nature of sensory play can help with emotional self-regulation and maintaining focus.

What's Included:

Construction Trucks: A variety of trucks to dig, load, and move around in your mini construction site.
High-Quality Sand: Create the groundwork for your building site with our special play sand.
Sticks: Use these to simulate timber, barriers, or other construction elements.
Smooth Stones: Build foundations and roadways with these tactile stones.
Beans: A versatile material to add more textural variety and fun.
Wooden Scoop: Essential for digging and moving materials around the site.
Reusable Toy Bag: Convenient for cleanup and storing all construction tools and materials.

Please Note:
Although we prioritize safety, due to small parts and potential choking hazards, adult supervision is required when playing with this sensory box. The exact contents may differ slightly from the product photo, and a plastic container is not included with this product.

Unleash the potential of fun and educational play with the "Little Builders" Sensory Exploration Box. Let your child's imagination construct their world!

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A great purchase! My kids played with this for hours