Parents and kids LOVE our Sensory Toys ❤️

These are really great - vivid colors! It’s nice they have silicone ends. Our toddler loves finding the fun things inside the bottle.

Britney Barnett

While not a child, I was diagnosed with autism in my adulthood, and I just got this bottle recently. It has been one of the most calming and tranquil things to help me. Thank you ❤️


"These bottles are amazing and high quality. My kids absolutely love them! Will definitely be buying more! "

Jessica Maxwell.

"It was the perfect addition to my 2 year olds calming corner, we've only had it a few days but its now his go to to calm down and honestly it works better and faster than the other things available in his corner. Saving me from hours of tantruns. Great buy."


"I absolutely LOVE that your boxes and kits take away some of the "scariness" of trying to put together a box"


From Therapy Roots to Sensory Toys

Hi there! I'm Agustina.
When I moved to Canada from Uruguay, I hit a roadblock—my therapy credentials didn't carry over. But instead of calling it quits, I channeled my expertise in psychology into creating hand-made sensory toys. It's my way of contributing to the community and supporting all kids through playful learning. That's the heart behind my business.

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