Unicorn 🦄 - Sensory Mix

$12.00 USD
  • Handmade by me
  • For children aged 3+
  • Not intended for consumption

Top Benefits of Sensory Mixes
  • Stimulates creativity and free play
  • Enhances sensory learning and development
  • Boosts fine motor skills and coordination

Unveil the Enchantment with our Unicorn Sensory Mix!

Sparkle up your child's curiosity and imagination with our magical Unicorn Sensory Mix - an exciting blend of fun, learning, and creativity. Mindfully crafted to stimulate all the senses, our handmade sensory toys inspire cognitive growth and motor skills development in children.

As your little dreamer embarks on a captivating sensory journey, they'll discover an array of vibrant shapes and textures, all reminiscent of the mystical unicorn. Our Unicorn Sensory Mix is designed for both solo play and group interaction, nurturing teamwork, patience, and communication skills when shared with siblings or friends.

Delight your child with an unforgettable, immersive play experience that combines education and entertainment in a fairy-tale-like setting. Create cherished memories as they unlock their full potential with our mesmerizing Unicorn Sensory Mix.

What's Inside the Unicorn Sensory Mix:

500g of vibrant, multicolored rice

Assorted unicorn-themed figures, such as unicorns, rainbows, and stars

Important Information:

Recommended for children aged 3+

Adult supervision required

Choking hazard: small parts

Not intended for consumption

Exact contents may differ from the photo

Embark on a magical journey with our Unicorn Sensory Mix – order yours today and let the mystical exploration begin!

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What is the ideal age range for using sensory mixes?

Sensory Mixes are designed for children aged 3 and older. Due to the small pieces included in the mix, they may pose a choking hazard for younger children.

How can I use Sensory Mixes with my child?

Pour out the contents of the Sensory Mix and encourage your child to explore the different shapes and textures using their senses. You can engage in creative play, storytelling, and guided activities to help them develop key skills and enjoy a unique play experience.

Can Sensory Mixes be used for group play or therapy sessions?

Yes, Sensory Mixes are great for group play or therapy sessions. They can help children develop social skills, patience, and teamwork as they explore and engage with the different shapes and textures together.

How do I store Sensory Mixes?

Store the Sensory Mix in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to prevent damage or fading.

What other tools can be used with Sensory Mixes to enhance play and learning?

In addition to the Sensory Mix itself, tongs and handy scoopers can be great additions to your child's playtime. These tools not only encourage fine motor skill development but also add an extra layer of fun and creativity as your child manipulates the mix and explores various ways to interact with the sensory materials.