Spooky Hunt - Spy Bottle


Spy sensory bottles for inquisitive explorers.

Through the art of discovery and sensory play, our spy sensory bottles encourage your little one to explore and uncover the secret objects hidden inside. It’s a great way to develop their concentration and focus, language and hand-eye coordination skills, all while having fun. 


And these learning toys will keep your little explorer entertained while you complete your chores, without resorting to screen time. 


What it includes


Each colorful sensory toy comes with a laminated card featuring a list of all the little objects to discover, asking questions such as “How many can you find…?”. It inspires mess-free sensory play and not only encourages your child to find the object but to count how many there are too. 


Little nature-lovers will love spotting little creatures amongst the grass in the Explorers spy bottle, while ghosts and spiders and snowmen and reindeer offer a great Spooky Hunt Halloween edition and Christmas spy bottle.


The key to development


Harness early childhood stimulation and encourage your little one to explore and uncovers the secret objects within the bottle to improve their attention to detail and concentration levels. Great as both a quiet time activity or one shared between friends or siblings, you can even make the game more exciting by adding time limits and prizes for those who find all the hidden objects first. 


  • For children aged 3 and up
  • Adult supervision required


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