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Sensory Toys Box

Sea Treasures- Sound Sensory Bottle 🔉

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Soothing sound sensory bottles 

A calming effect

Particularly effective for restless children, the soothing sound of sensory bottles has a relaxing effect, promoting calm, tranquility, and a sense of joy. And the unique objects inside help little ones develop their selective concentration as they search to pick each one out. 

Your little one can benefit from:

  • Greater attention span
  • Improved motor skills
  • Imagination and curiosity
  • Refined auditory senses
  • Increased calm

This is an excellent sensory toy to fascinate and engage your child, perfect for quiet moments and encouraging early childhood stimulation.

PET plastic bottle | Sealed lid  | For all age groups | Adult supervision required

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Natalie Richer

Sea Treasures- Sound Sensory Bottle 🔉