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Sensory Toys Box

My first toy - Sensory Bottle Rattle

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 Dr. Maria Montessori has said that sensorial experiences start at birth....

Soothing sound Bottle Rattle

The first toys in a child's life make a difference. That's why we have created this highly attractive bottle rattle to promote the stimulation of the little ones.   

As they turn and rotate their sensory toy, your child’s motor coordination develops, along with their attention to detail, and the sound refines their auditory senses. The bottle is decorated with ribbons on the outside so that the child can touch and feel different textures.

A calming effect

The soothing sound has a relaxing effect, promoting calm, tranquility, and a sense of joy. And the unique objects inside help little ones develop their selective concentration as they search to pick each one out.

This is an excellent activity to fascinate and engage your child encouraging early childhood stimulation.

Inspire curiosity and imagination by inviting your little one into a new world filled with magic! 

  • Specially designed for babies
  • Adult supervision required
  • PET plastic bottle
  • Sealed lid

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Great products!

I purchased 3 items for my first time. The quality was great and they are a great addition to our sensory toys.