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Unearth a world of prehistoric fun with our captivating "Dino" Sensory Exploration Box. This stimulating and educational sensory box is designed to inspire and engage children aged 3 and up. Immerse your young ones in an exciting era of giants and untamed nature, all while learning and developing key skills.

What the Box Offers:

Our "Dino" Sensory Box provides a thrilling and hands-on play experience, enriching development in the following areas:

  • Sensory Skills: Therapy play sand and smooth stones provide a rich and varied tactile experience, simulating the earthy terrains of prehistoric times.

  • Motor Skills: The wooden scoop, paintbrush, and marker enhance fine motor skills through digging, brushing, and marking.

  • Social Interaction: This sensory box is equally enjoyable for independent play or for shared fun with friends or siblings, promoting valuable social skills.

  • Cognitive Growth: With assorted dinosaur toys, your child can engage in imaginative play while learning about these fascinating creatures. Identifying and sorting dinosaurs by their characteristics further enhances cognitive development.

  • Emotional Regulation: The calming nature of sensory play, coupled with the focus required for detailed tasks, supports emotional self-regulation and focus.

What's Included:

  • Assorted Dinosaurs: Uncover a variety of prehistoric creatures and imagine their vast world.
  • Therapy Play Sand: Create the ideal excavation site with our specially chosen therapy sand.
  • Smooth Stones: Discover the natural elements of the dinosaur habitat with these tactile treasures.
  • Wooden Scoop: Perfect for digging and scooping in the prehistoric play sand.
  • Magnifying Glass: Get a closer look at your dinosaur discoveries.
  • Paintbrush: Brush off the sand and reveal the hidden dinosaurs.
  • Marker: Mark your important findings or doodle on your dinosaurs.
  • Reusable Toy Bag: Keep all your prehistoric pieces safely stored after playtime.

Please Note: While we prioritize your child's safety, adult supervision is necessary due to small parts and potential choking hazard. Exact contents may differ slightly from the product photo. A plastic container is not included with this product.

Step back in time and foster curiosity with the "Dino" Sensory Exploration Box - an exciting journey to the age of dinosaurs, encouraging learning through play!

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Law

DinoWorld! - Sensory Box

leslie murphy

Love it

Absolutely LOVE IT

I cant wait to buy more my son loved his bottle and Dino box!

Laura Kreutzer

Havent got it yet

Rodrigo De Leon
Great gift

Ordered this box for my best friend son as a birthday gift and was perfect! Beautifully packaged