DinoWorld! - Sensory Box


Watch your kids have fun discovering the wonderful prehistoric lands with these fascinating 15 million-year-old animals!. They  will enjoy hours of fun through imaginative play; scooping, collecting, exploring, discovering, touching, and sorting.

While they create the scene, you can encourage them to pretend to be one of these animals. With the help of the paintbrush ask them to discover dinosaurs and other objects hidden in the sand or they can use the magnifying glass to see all the details.

Why not enable positive emotions? They can pick up the smooth sand with their hands! 

Another fun activity is to Investigate the dinosaurs, compare their bodies, shapes, spots, and colors. They can also classify them as herbivores or carnivores, short or tall, spotty, or not!

Bring your children closer to sensory play through this fantastic box!


Recommended for ages 3+ due to small pieces. 

Box Contains:

  • Assorted  dinosaurs
  • High quality Brown Colored Sand
  • Smooth Stones
  • Wooden Scoop
  • 4 Rattan Balls
  • 1 Magnifying Glass
  • 1 Paintbrush
  • 1 Marker
  • Container with lid

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Great gift

Ready to use

Our boxes are prepared with all the materials the child needs to play and are curated by a child therapist. You save a lot of time and make sure you provide a quality gift for your kids.

Fun guaranteed

Boxes based on the most attractive themes, with multiple activities included so that they can enjoy, create, and feel motivated to learn.

Improve child development

Children need hours of play to grow healthily and to enhance their learning. Through play new knowledge is absorbed and important areas of development are stimulated.