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Citrus Harmony - Gift set - 3 Sensory Bottles

$38.00 USD
  • Handmade by me
  • Suitable for all ages
  • BPA-free PET plastic bottles
  • Leak-proof sealed lid

Top Benefits of Sensory Bottles
  • Help your child calm and self regulate
  • Improves motor skills
  • Promotes curiosity and attention
  • Great for babies and toddlers!
  • Mess free

Introducing our "Citrus Harmony" Sensory Bottle Trio, a calming collection inspired by the vibrant hues and soothing qualities of citrus fruits. Each bottle in this mesmerizing set embodies one of the three refreshing shades: Luscious Lemon, Optimistic Orange, and Glowing Green.

The "Citrus Harmony" Sensory Bottles are filled with gently swirling glitter that mirrors the zest and sparkle of citrus fruits in sunlight. The Luscious Lemon bottle is reminiscent of the cheerful yellow of a lemon, promoting positivity and cheer. The Optimistic Orange bottle captures the warmth and energy of an orange, radiating comfort and enthusiasm. The Glowing Green bottle reflects the calming hue of a lime, fostering relaxation and tranquility.

These sensory bottles are perfect for calming corners, stress-relief moments, or whenever a gentle soothing effect is needed. The glitter within these bottles moves slowly and gracefully when shaken, providing a focal point for relaxation and helping children regain focus.

Durable, safe, and easy to handle, the "Citrus Harmony" Sensory Bottles offer a quiet, mesmerizing retreat for the senses. Children can self-regulate their emotions by focusing on the serene spectacle inside each bottle, promoting emotional well-being.

The "Citrus Harmony" Sensory Bottle Trio is more than a calming tool—it's an enchanting, glitter-filled exploration of tranquility, akin to a serene walk through a citrus grove. This set makes an ideal gift, offering a soothing, sensory-rich experience that both delights and calms children of all ages. Experience the calming zest of "Citrus Harmony" today!

Adult supervision required

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What is the ideal age range for children to use sensory bottles?

Sensory bottles are suitable for all ages. They are ideal for children between the ages of 0-5 years old. Babies as young as a few months old can benefit from sensory bottles as they explore their environment using their senses, and older children can use them to develop their focus, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

How can I use sensory bottles with my child?

There are many ways to use sensory bottles with your child, depending on their age and developmental stage. Younger children may enjoy simply exploring the bottles with their senses, while older children can use them for imaginative play or as a tool for calming and relaxation. Some ideas for using sensory bottles include shaking them to create different sounds and visual effects, using them as a tool to calm down, or incorporating them into sensory play activities.

Are sensory bottles sealed?

Yes, our sensory bottles are sealed to prevent leaks and spills. This also keeps the contents safe from young children who may try to open the bottle and access the contents.

What material are sensory bottles made of?

Our Sensory bottles are made of plastic, which is a safe and durable material for children's toys. The plastic used in sensory bottles is often BPA-free and non-toxic.