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Sea Treasures- Sound Sensory Bottle 🔉


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Soothing sound sensory bottles  

Discover a secret sound escape for children with our selection of sound bottles. Each one is designed to evolve key aspects of early childhood development such as motor skills, attention, and auditory skills, whilst promoting a calming, positive mindset. 


What it includes

 Inspire curiosity and imagination by inviting your little one into a new world with our beach-inspired sound sensory bottle filled with shells and rice, or let them discover our Sea Treasures, packed with blue balls, starfish and pearls. 

As they turn and rotate their sensory toy, your child’s motor coordination develops, along with their attention to detail, and the sound refines their auditory senses. 


A calming effect

Particularly effective for restless children, the soothing sound has a relaxing effect, promoting calm, tranquility, and a sense of joy. And the unique objects inside help little ones develop their selective concentration as they search to pick each one out. 


Your little one can benefit from:

  • Greater attention span
  • Improved motor skills
  • Imagination and curiosity
  • Refined auditory senses
  • Increased calm


This is an excellent activity to fascinate and engage your child, perfect for quiet moments and encouraging early childhood stimulation.


  • For all age groups
  • Adult supervision required

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Sea Treasures- Sound Sensory Bottle 🔉